How To Pick A Blog Name With Longevity

I always read so many bloggers say that your blog name isn’t that serious.

I completely disagree. 

It is that serious.

Your blog name is probably one the most important things to consider when starting your site. Especially if you want to take it beyond a hobby and turn it into a business.

With my main blog, it took me months… & I mean months to come up with a blog name that I ifestiked.

Now wait. I don’t recommend taking that long (in that case it really isn’t that serious lol)

It shouldn’t take months but you should definitely put a lot of thought into, and not just think short term.

Yes, you could always change the domain name later. But how inconvenient that would be for you, and confusing for your readers.

Its better to start with a blog name that you love but is still focused and compliments your site’s niche.

Thats why you have to start with longevity in mind.

Some bloggers just start blogging as a hobby then realize it could be more. But if you’re like myself and had every intention on monetizing your site from the beginning then you have to begin with the end in mind.

There’s nothing wrong with changing your domain later on, but why go through that process if you don’t have to.

Here are some tips on how to pick a blog name with longevity.How To Pick A Blog Name With Longevity

Avoid Specificities

I’ll use myself and my own experience with domains as an example.

When I first decided to start blogging, I bought the domain I was so in love with it at the time. I thought it defined what i wanted my site to be about perfectly.

But this is the mistake I made: it didn’t define my site, it defined a specific time in my life.

A few weeks after I bought the domain I started to hate the name. Every time I logged into wordpress to work on content for my site, the posts i was creating and the website name just didn’t seem to go together.

Nyambitions was symbolic of a very specific time frame. At the time I was just getting ready to move to New York. And sure, I’m an ambitious girl & want to make it in the big city but when i hear it as a blog name it just doesn’t fit the focus of a fashion & lifestyle site. It sounds more like the blog will be based on new york city itself. Everything NYC – best places to eat & how to make it in the city & thats not at all what i was going for.

Try to avoid specificities like that. Anything that is specific to a city or place or certain “type” of something. It can give off the impression that, that particular thing is the focus of your blog.

Put A Spin On A Familiar Saying

My first blog was called .

You can see right away that it is similar to “growing pains” which was the inspiration behind the name.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the saying “glow up”. Its slang & refers to a person basically becoming the best possible version of themselves. That is what my blog was about – fashion & lifestyle/personal development (I know, i know – definitely not a niche, hence why its no longer in existance) so i replaced the r with an l and thats how I came up with glowingpains.

It sounds easy but it took me MONTHS to come up with this name after I decided nyambitions was out.

I couldn’t tell you why it took me that long to think of a good name, but once I did it was the “aha”  moment I had been waiting for.

Put Meaningful Words Together

Take this blog for example. It took me nowhere near as long to come up with this site domain (blogdom), & I absolutely love the name. I knew I wanted to start another blog to document my blogging journey from my main site & was always jotting down notes on my progress and post ideas.

I sat down one day and just started writing down different words and ideas.

This blog is in the “blogging about blogging” niche so I knew I wanted the word “blog” to be in the name. Then I started writing down other random words that meant something to me. I thought of the word freedom – because thats what I’m trying to achieve by blogging (freedom from working soul sucking jobs) – then I combined the two into blogdom.

See how easy that is.

Its simple yet catchy & easy to remember.

 Leave .com Behind

As soon as I thought of blogdom I knew that was the one.

So what did I do? I immediately go onto bluehost to buy hosting and the domain, but what do ya know? was already taken.

& worst of all its taken by one of those companies that buy domains for cheap and then sell them at premium prices.

My initial reaction was a little let down but there was no way i was letting the name go. There was also no way i was paying $2,000+ for a domain. I decided on .co instead & quite frankly I think it has a nice ring to it. 🙂

Don’t get discouraged if the .com of the name you want is taken.

If you come up with a name that you love but the .com is already taken , its alright to go for something different like .net or .co.

You might feel like your site doesn’t sound as credible if you don’t have .com behind it & thats far from the truth.

Maybe your original idea isn’t so original and someone happened to have the same idea as you (great minds). Or maybe you had the same problem I did – when a domain flipping company buys your domain and tries selling it x1000.

As the internet space becomes more crowded and everyone and their mother decides they need a website (nothing wrong with it, just saying) it’ll only become harder and harder to avoid running into these kind of problems.

Its okay to give yourself options. If your content is valuable, the last thing people will worry about is why you’re using .net instead of .com.

Use Your Name

This is usually a safe bet, especially if you’re having trouble coming up with something catchy or creative.

However, sometimes using your name for your website can place you in a box and be limiting in the future.

As for myself, I have a lot of interests and things that I want to do besides blogging.

& while I will eventually will have a self titled site – i want that to be a home base for all of those things.

Let me explain what I mean. is a fashion & lifestyle/personal development site (it has a long way to go but that is the intention).  & while that is a part of me its not the only part.

Blogdom is in the blogging about blogging (& online business) niche & again while its a passion of mine, there are so many more things that I want to pursue in the future.

I want my self titled site to be a collective for all things me!

If one of my current niche sites were self titled I wouldn’t be able to offer that personal experience for myself or readers that are interested.

Now let me give you an example of when self titling your site makes sense.

An awesome girlboss blogger named Melyssa Griffin’s site used to be named I believe it was sort of a lifestyle site before she rebranded to using her own name. The reasoning for her rebranding was basically because she was making the switch to selling online courses & teaching others to grow their online business.

That is her business model & brand.

She makes a living selling online courses.

Now, just to reiterate one more time because i want you guys to see the difference:

A Self titled domain DOESN’T make sense for me because:

I have a lot of other interests and projects I want to work on in the future that are not at all related to my online niches. I want my self titled site to be a home base for any and all projects I’m working on & an open letter to talk about anything I want.

In essence I don’t want my self titled site to be associated with any particular niche because in the future when I venture out of said niche, people (customers) may be confused about what my brand actually is.

& we all know people tend to outright reject things they don’t understand.

A Self titled domain DOES make sense for Melyssa because:

Everything she does revolves around one main thing – teaching others to grow their online business. Whether that is giving away value through blogging, e-courses, or her membership site all of that revolves around that one particular goal. She is her brand. And that brand has a very specific point of view and purpose so it makes sense for her to self title her blog.

She does many things within her business but doesn’t stray from the niche itself. They ALL can be categorized under the realm of growing an online business.

& to clarify my point about customer confusion – you can imagine how confusing it would be if melyssa one day decided she wanted to start blogging about knitting.

Her customers would become wide eyed and confused.

and lastly…..

Slap “blog” On It

Very simple, just put the word blog in front of whatever your blog is about.

For example there’s an extremely popular site called “purseblog” which is the go to site for everything handbag related.

You can see what they did there – the site is about purses and its a blog. So, they stuck blog on the end – hence

Its painfully simple but still works.

Picking your blog name doesn’t have to be as dramatic or drawn out as i made picking my first domain. I just recommend putting some thought and effort into it.

Especially if you want your blog to potentially be an income earner for you.

& I know reiterating that over and over again may seem repetitive but sometimes we don’t think long term when starting something new.

Well, hopefully these tips on how to pick a blog name were helpful for you!

What are some of your tips for picking a blog name? How long did it take you to come up with your blog name & what was the inspiration behind it?


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