Monthly Income Report Roundup – These Bloggers Make Thousands Per Month

I’ll be completely honest with you guys….

I don’t know that I would have started blogging if I didn’t know that I could eventually make an income from it.

Before I discovered the world of blogging I was searching for some sort of creative outlet. I always wanted to be a designer and never considered blogging. But the more I learned about blogging the more the blogosphere intrigued me, and once i discovered income reports that gave me the push that i needed to start my own blog.

& so far…

I haven’t made a dime from blogging yet.

& thats alright, I have a lot to work on before I can monetize my sites.

However, income reports are so motivating and keep me going for those times that I get discouraged.

There are people out there just like me, that started in the exact same place I did I’m in right now.

From zero. With zero readers, making zero dollars and have grown their site to thousands of readers, making thousands of dollars.

Income Report Round Up

Income reports are not just about the money – they are encouraging and show that literally anyone can make a living doing something that they enjoy.

Now lets get to what you came here for.

These are in no particular order – all of these bloggers deliver awesome content and inspiration & I’m positive you’ll find at least one thing┬áthat’s helpful to you; whether its an “aha” moment or motivation.

Making Sense of Cents

Pinch of Yum

Smart Passive Income

Mostly Morgan

Entrepreneur on Fire

Its A Lovely Life

I look forward to these bloggers publishing their income reports every month. Some of them like Mostly Morgan and Pinch of Yum seem to have discontinued them in recent months but you can still look at their previous reports.

These reports are packed with not just inspiration but so much valuable information that can help you on your own blogging journey. A lot of do’s and don’ts and mistakes that you can avoid making so you don’t have to learn the hard way & a lot of resources that you may not have heard about other wise.

Do you read monthly income reports? If so, which bloggers do you look forward to hearing from every month?


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