Hey there! Its almost time to put another year in the books. Its crazy to think we only have a few weeks left in 2017. I know we’re all getting ready for the new year, setting new goals and standards for ourselves. So in honor of new beginnings and new content I wanted to share some of my most popular posts of 2017. Top 7: Best of Blogdom 2017 What… View Post

There’s a lot of advice out there about blogging and online business. Most people put tons of effort into their teachings and simply draw from their own experiences. But there’s just as much fluff and BS as there is of the good stuff. This post debunks 3 content creation myths that may be holding you and your online business back. & is actually the first chapter of a FREE ebook I’m… View Post

If you’re a blogger I’m sure you’ve heard things like ” thats too saturated” or “there’s too much competition” regarding a niche. & while I don’t believe in either of those things when it comes to blogging there are simple steps you can take to stand out from your blogging peers and turn more passive readers into advocates of your blog. This post gives 3 simple steps on how to… View Post

You’re about to start seeing a whole lot of  “new year, new me” and “2018 resolutions” posts on your timelines. Hopefully we’re all starting to do some reflecting on the things we want to see come to fruition in the new year. I love the idea of using each new year to mark the beginning of a new chapter and for setting new standards. But we want to set goals… View Post

Lots of bloggers like to give those “I didn’t even know you could make money blogging” speeches. But I for one am happy to admit that I started my blog with full intentions on making an income, sooner or later. And guess what, there’s nothing wrong with that! As long as you have a why behind you, there’s no reason to be ashamed to admit that you want to make… View Post