5 Reasons To Start A Blog

I’m still super early in my blogging career. I have so far to go and so much to learn. At this point I feel like I’m just starting to get a handle on this “blogging thing.”

Who knew blogging would be so difficult? And that it would take so long to build an audience?

*long sigh*

BUT, I’m enjoying the journey nonetheless. I’m enjoying having something of my own that i can grow and build.

I understand being on the fence about starting a site of your own. Its hard to look at the big time bloggers and picture yourself in that position.

So, if you’re contemplating starting a blog, here are some of the reasons I believe you should absolutely start a blog of your own.

5 Reasons To Start A Blog

Self Expression

What we all want as people is to reach our highest form of expression possible. We all have something to say whether its through music, painting, writing, etc. & want to be heard.

With a blog, you can write about any and everything you want to.

How amazing is it that whatever passions and interests are you can carve our your own little space on the internet and build a community around it?

You’re Always Learning

No matter how successful you become as a blogger you (should) never stop learning. If you did you would eventually become stagnant.

Blogging is an exciting challenge that is always changing which means as a blogger you’re constantly adapting to these changes. You’re constantly learning about new algorithms, new ways to learn about branding, how to speak to and connect with an audience and become a better writer.

The minute you stop learning is the minute you stop growing.

That’s the exciting part, your success as a blogger is not only dependent on your ability to be consistent and connect. Your ability to adapt to the constant changes of the industry and the way people take in content will also play a factor in the success of your blog.

You can also take the skills you learn from blogging & apply them outside the industry, for example, if you wanted to start freelancing, offer coaching services, start a new business, etc.

Hobby & Career All In One

The thing about blogs is that they can be as big or as small as you want them to be. You can have a small hobby blog or grow your blog to hundreds of thousands (or millions) of readers and make your blog your career. I read income reports from bloggers who make a few thousand a month to over a hundred thousand a month. Their stories are really inspiring and go to show that you can achieve amazing things through your blog.

Which leads me to my next point…

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The Income Potential

There are no limits to how much money you can make through monetizing your blog. You can make as much or as little money as you want. Its all about the amount of work you are willing to put in. The income potential that there is from blogging is amazing in the sense that it can be quite passive (if you want it to be) & give you the privilege to live a life of freedom.

The kind of freedom that would allow you to retire your spouse, stay home with your kids full time, get out of debt, travel the world, etc.

The possibilities through blogging are truly endless & you don’t need any experience to establish yourself in this field.

You Get to Know Yourself

You learn a lot about yourself through blogging & get more in tune with your beliefs and what you’re willing to put out into the world – how much of yourself you want to protect and how much you’re willing to share.

As a blogger, you also learn how much work you’re willing to put in for the things you want. Blogging is fun but it is WORK. No one tells you when to write, how many posts to put out or when to promote your content. There’s no set schedule that you don’t make yourself; you’re the writer, editor, social media strategist, graphic designer, etc. and you’re responsible for coming up with new and exciting content for your readers. You do absolutely everything when you’re first starting out.

& in doing all of these things you get to know yourself. You learn about your strengths and weaknesses and how to be a leader as you establish yourself as an authority in your niche.


Have you started a blog yet? If not, what’s holding you back?



  1. Teresa Rucker
    / 10:54 pm

    I like This Tierra…..:-)

  2. Teresa Rucker
    / 10:55 pm


  3. Jasmine
    / 10:29 am

    Love this post, I’ve wanted to start a blog for awhile now, never knew what to write about until now.

    • / 1:53 pm

      Hey Jasmine,

      Same here, I went back and forth between niches for so long until I finally found my “pull”

      Good luck 🙂

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