Beginner Blogging Tips: How To Set Yourself Up for Success as a New Blogger

There are literally 143798176 things that get added to your to do list when you become a blogger. I know because I always feel like I have a million and one different things to do every day.

But, I will say there are a few key things that you can focus on when you first start out to to foster your blogging growth. These are some beginner blogging tips that will help move you towards successful blogging.

Beginner Blogging Tips

Be Intentional With Your Time and Energy

Yes, you need to post content, promote the content, get traffic, build an email list, etc., etc., etc. But you really only need to focus on one central goal at a time.

I think this is where a lot of bloggers and entrepreneurs in general get overwhelmed and burn out because they feel like they have to multitask all the things.

First off, multitasking is not a real thing and is actually counter productive.

Second, its more so about being intentional about prioritizing for optimal growth and not so much trying to get as many things done as you can at one time.

You only need to have one main goal at a time and within that one main goal, you’ll have sub goals to help you attain your bigger picture.

For example:

Say I have one main goal of gaining 500 new subscribers to my email list. So within that one goal of gaining new subs I would have to map out what other areas of my blog I need to work on to make that happen. I may already have some really great opt in freebies made & ready to go, I just need to work on getting more eyes on them to get the subscriber conversions I need. So in this case, I would want to put time and energy into getting more eyes on my freebies aka getting more traffic to my site. Therefore, gaining more traffic to my blog would be a subgoal of my main goal of ultimately growing my email list.

Whew, literally just used the word goal 8 times ->9 including that one, but you get the point.

& the same goes for social media. You don’t need or have to be on all the platforms, just pick one and put your energy and time into growing that one platform instead of spreading yourself thin amongst 5-10 different social media channels.

Self Host Your Blog

I wouldn’t worry about this too much if you just want to blog as a hobby, but if you think you may want to make an income from your site I would start self hosted to avoid the hassle of having to switch from a free blogging platform later on down the line.

By self – hosting you’ll:

  • own your content
  • avoid the possibility of your blog being shut down at a moments notice
  • have the ability to customize and brand your site
  • and appear more professional to readers, customers and potential brand partners.

Set Up a Pinterest Business Account and Apply for Rich Pins

Gone are the days where bloggers have to rely solely on google to gain free and organic traffic to their websites. We now have this incredible resource that gives us the opportunity to not have to rely on the dinosaur that is google to rank our articles or ineffective traffic hacks like link parties.

& in reality, the true traffic gaining potential of Pinterest still remains pretty much untapped by many bloggers and business owners who just can’t seem to figure out the platform.

Not saying you shouldn’t still incorporate SEO into your blog’s traffic strategy but you don’t have to be disappointed when you publish your post and don’t show up on the first, second, or even tenth page of google search!

SEO is still effective & if you work at it, pays off in the long run.

However, you can use Pinterest to gain traffic to your website now as opposed to having to wait for google to basically decide that you’re worthy of showing up in people’s searches.

By converting to a Pinterest business account you’ll:

  • gain access to insanely useful analytics that will show you things like:
    • your most popular pins and blog posts
    • the average amount of people you reach in a given time period
    • who your Pinterest demographic & audience is

Plus, you’ll be able to promote pins to expand your reach even further.

In addition to this, by setting up rich pins you’ll be able to:

  • have your meta descriptions show up directly under your pins
  • show blog post titles on individual pins
  • have your rich pins automatically update with the changes you make on your website
  • & overall gain higher visibility to your pins and content

*so hopefully you’ve got some enticing descriptions, catchy titles, & click worthy images 🙂

Start Collecting Email Leads Immediately

Every.single.blogger you come across will most likely say the same thing “the money is in the list;” and with good reason.

Having an email list isn’t the only way to generate income and drive product sales from your blog but it is one of the most effective ways.

I recommend signing up with a good e-mail service provider from day one and keeping your email list “warm” as you work to grow your blog. You may not know what kind of products you want to offer or recommend to your community yet but if you continuously nurture your list when the opportunity does finally present itself, you and your list will be ready.

I’m kind of in this stage myself. I don’t really have intentions on selling anything  any time soon but I still keep working to grow my list because I know that one day when I do decide create a product to serve my audiences needs, (hopefully) they’ll be ready and waiting with open arms and wallets :).

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Buy The Knowledge You Need

I kinda use to be of the mindset that I didn’t want to invest in my blogging education or buy certain courses and e-books because, who knows, maybe one day I’d want to create my own e-books or courses on the same topic. So I opted for having my own trial and errors just for the sake of saying I did it on my own.

To think about the logic of trying to save money by actually wasting your time is actually a really ridiculous way of thinking.

If you know you need improvement in a certain area of your blog and a blogger that you know, like, and trust is offering a course/product on said topic, why not just buy the knowledge you need to be successful? Rather than wasting months or even years trying to figure out the “magic formula?”

Unless of course you’re not financially able to invest – thats completely understandable (I’ve been there). But if you have room in your budget to buy a course or two i highly recommend it. If you’re hesitant to buy the pricier courses, try starting with smaller e-books first and work your way up.

Most bloggers also offer some sort of free product as well so you could even start there if you wanted.

Now back to this limiting belief:

“How can I create a course on a topic thats already been done before?”

These kind of questions use to because I love taking courses, but I also know that I would like to create my own in the future.

“Doesn’t this make me a fraud?”

“Will my readers and entire blogging community shun me?” (super dramatic, i know)

First things first, you don’t just copy (obviously).

But I’m here to tell you that it’s 100% okay to take a course on a topic and then create your own later on down the line.

Second of all there are thousands of courses out there and a lot of them are on the same stuff – and how exactly do you think the person you’re learning from learned their methods/strategies? They most likely learned from another blogger be it blog posts, courses, ebooks, etc. then implemented the techniques and used the foundational concepts of those methods to develop a strategy of their own.

Courses are amazing, but rarely do they cover absolutely everything there is to know about a topic. The creator may think they’ve covered everything because they’ve given the extent of their knowledge, but there is always more to learn.

Think of questions you still had once you took the course or any gaps of information that are missing that you would’ve liked to see  within the curriculum. Those are things you can incorporate into your own course to make it that much better.

Plus, you are giving a step by step strategy, from you, your own voice, and your own experience.

There are plenty of bloggers who I think do great work and seem to offer some amazing products and services. But I’l probably never buy anything from them because I just don’t connect with them. And the same goes for you and your own community.

The same people that connect with you, may not connect with the next blogger and vice versa.

So if you’re wondering if you can create a product on a topic thats already been done before the answer is an overwhelming, yes!


Beware of Blogger Hype

Listen, affiliate marketing is a great source of income for bloggers. However, one of the downsides of affiliate marketing is that a product with a lucrative (high commission %) affiliate program will get heavily promoted and spread like wildfire through the blogging community, even if its mediocre at best.

This happened to me not too long ago.  I decided to invest in a massive blogging course that literally every.blogger.raves.about. I had read through tons of reviews to be sure it was the right investment for me, and basically couldn’t find one blogger with one negative thing to say about the course.

The program usually opens up once a year but there was a very short flash sale happening so i decided to make the investment. And I can’t tell you enough how disappointed i was once I enrolled.

Not that its not a decent course but in my opinion its 100 percent not worth the amount of money that I paid for it and doesn’t warrant the amount of hype it gets amongst bloggers. But, the affiliate commission is crazy high so you can see why it gets recommended so much.

I don’t say that to scare you, just to make you aware that not every product thats hyped up is worth it. Thats why i recommend just buying from bloggers that you already follow and trust. Ya know, if you’re on someones email list and they’re constantly providing value to your life and blog – or if a blogger has posts that are super helpful and make an impact on you then you can most likely assume that their paid products are also bomb.

Stop Consuming So Much Content

I bet you’ve read about 103 different articles about blogging this week, not including this one.

When I started my last blog I literally read about blogging so much that I barely ever even worked on my actual blog! Even now I sometimes find myself mindlessly scrolling through articles on Pinterest, trying to learn as much as I can.

But the reality is that research alone isn’t going to grow your blog, action is.

You can read and consume all day long but if you never actually implement what you’re learning or take the steps to do all the things that’ll actually grow your site, you’ll remain stagnant and constantly be discouraged on your blogging journey.

So yes, I’m encouraging you to click off of this blog & get to changing your life.

You’ve got work to do. 🙂


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