There are literally 143798176 things that get added to your to do list when you become a blogger. I know because I always feel like I have a million and one different things to do every day. But, I will say there are a few key things that you can focus on when you first start out to to foster your blogging growth. These are some beginner blogging tips that… View Post

So, you’ve picked a blog niche, decided on a name, and set up your self-hosted blog, now what? Well, at this point you need to start writing some blog posts and generating traffic. But you need a way to track what’s going on, on your website. That’s where google analytics comes in. Keep on readin’ and this post will show you what the heck google analytics is, why you need… View Post

So. My first blog was a complete fail. Some months I got less than a 100 page views (yes, I admitted that)! & most of those were from my granny who checked my blog more than I did. *sigh* My barely there content was all over the place, my branding was non existent, my imagery was trash, and consistency, what was that? I had published a whopping 14 blog posts… View Post

I’m still super early in my blogging career. I have so far to go and so much to learn. At this point I feel like I’m just starting to get a handle on this “blogging thing.” Who knew blogging would be so difficult? And that it would take so long to build an audience? *long sigh* BUT, I’m enjoying the journey nonetheless. I’m enjoying having something of my own that… View Post

I always read so many bloggers say that your blog name isn’t that serious. I completely disagree.  It is that serious. Your blog name is probably one the most important things to consider when starting your site. Especially if you want to take it beyond a hobby and turn it into a business. With my main blog, it took me months… & I mean months to come up with a… View Post