How To Stand Out Online

If you’re a blogger I’m sure you’ve heard things like ” thats too saturated” or “there’s too much competition” regarding a niche. & while I don’t believe in either of those things when it comes to blogging there are simple steps you can take to stand out from your blogging peers and turn more passive readers into advocates of your blog. This post gives 3 simple steps on how to stand out online

How To Stand Out Online

Stop Taking In So Much Content

I mentioned this before in my beginner blogging tips post, but its something I really stand by, especially as a blogger.

When all you do is consume, consume, consume, eventually you start to regurgitate everything you’re taking in.

Think about your close friends or people you spend a lot of time with – eventually you start to pick up little hints of their personality, like sayings and mannerisms.

Even if its not on purpose, it tends to just happen naturally.

When you’re around someone all the time, you unconsciously start to act like them.

I feel like the same thing happens to bloggers when they consume too much (and really anyone for that matter).

If you’re always reading post after post after post eventually, you will start to take on characteristics from other bloggers. Before you know it, you’ve adapted their blogging voice and writing style without even realizing it.

The less you consume, the more your thoughts and content remain authentic to you.

I’ve recently narrowed down how many email lists I’m on and it feels soooo good.

Its mentally exhausting sometimes taking in so many opinions and so much different advice.

Try limiting the amount of blog posts you read per week and how much time you spend on social media and see if it makes a difference in your sanity writing.

Teach Everything You Know

So obviously this is the nature of blogging – teaching others through your experiences.

But, I know a lot of the time content creators in general deal with this thing called imposter syndrome.

You know, when you go to write a piece of content and all of a sudden you’re like:

“Wait, am I qualified to even be giving advice on this?”

“Why would someone take this advice from me?”

“Who am I to be speaking on this subject?”

That, my friend is called imposter syndrome – usually in the form of self limiting beliefs.

Every single entrepreneur deals with this at one point or another.

There’s always someone thats more “qualified” than you, but that fact in and of itself doesn’t make you less credible & doesn’t mean there’s no space for your voice to be heard.

Believe it or not, people relate more to you when you’re still in the “thick of it” than when you’ve already overcome the struggle and have been massively successful.

People relate more to the process than the end results.

So, even if you start feeling like a complete fraud in your blogging journey, remember your perspective is always valuable to someone.

On Trying to Save the “Good Stuff”

I also wanted to briefly touch on the notion that you have to save the “good stuff” for your paid programs.

A lot of the time we feel like we need to save the best of our knowledge for paid opportunities only.

And thats true to an extent – but how you get people to advocate for your blog in the first place is by giving away that very same “good stuff” you’re trying to save.

I’ve taken quite a few courses where some of the same content in the course I was able to access on the course creators blog for free & guess what?

It was not a problem. Like, at all.

I didn’t feel gypped out of my money, it just let me know that that was an important piece of information I need to have down in order to see the results I’m looking for.

Repeat content simply serves as a refresher & reiterates the fact that its a concept that needs to to be retained in order for your customers to solve the problem they took the course for in the first place.

Apart from that – you obviously don’t just say the exact same thing word for word!

You reword it in ways that feel fresh and new and incorporate new information that further strengthens the value of the teaching.

Don’t be afraid to give away some of your most valuable knowledge in fear that you can’t sell it later.

(News Flash : You can! )

Give Before You Take

Correction. Give. Then give some more. Then give some more.

How many of us have been on someone’s email list, haven’t heard from them for literal months and then all of a sudden get a shit ton of emails about a new product they’ve created.

Um, excuse me ma’am/sir, who exactly do you think you are?

Why would someone buy from you if you haven’t given them a reason to.

Its like if you go in for a job interview, sit down, and immediately ask “So, when do I start?”

You haven’t even given the interviewer a reason to want to hire you & you’re already overstepping your boundaries. 🤔

Don’t be that person.

We all want to make money from our blogs and be successful entrepreneurs.

But getting your subscribers’ email address is not the green light for bombarding them with pitch after pitch without giving them any real value in between.

Focus on how you can consistently serve your audience, with no ulterior motives & they’ll be throwing money at you in no time 😉 .

As always, I hope this post was helpful in some way. Leave a comment below and share some of the ways you stand out amongst your blogging peers.





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    okay so how many times can & read this & love it more each time?! I NEEDED this, and I’ve needed this for a few months now. This is hands down one of the best blog posts I’ve read in a long time. Pinned this, saving this, & holding it near & dear to myself until I can truly get to this place of creation again. Thank you, THANK YOU, for saying what I needed to hear.

    • / 7:51 pm

      Hi Kristen!

      Wow, thank you so much for your kind words!
      I’m sooooo glad you enjoyed the post.
      Thank you so much for reading & best of luck to you in your blogging journey.
      I hope 2018 is filled with growth and progression for you and your online space.

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