I’ll just give a a super quick disclaimer before we get into it ’cause I know how some of y’all on the internet like to take things personally. This is meant to be a fun post and not malicious in any way. The intent isn’t to upset or offend but hey – if the shoe fits, wear it. 😉 These are 4 blogging trends that need to end asap!  … View Post

This post may contain affiliate links. *yells through bullhorn* “PSA: Calling all bloggers. If you haven’t started your email list yet, you maybe should’ve been on that, like yesterday.” There’s a reason all of your favorite e-commerce sites are constantly hammering your inbox with updates, deals, and promotions. Because they know the power and effectiveness of email marketing. And if you’re a blogger one of the most important things you can… View Post

There are literally 143798176 things that get added to your to do list when you become a blogger. I know because I always feel like I have a million and one different things to do every day. But, I will say there are a few key things that you can focus on when you first start out to to foster your blogging growth. These are some beginner blogging tips that… View Post

You can literally do everything right when you become a blogger. You can post consistently, have fantastic imagery, etc. but some things you just can’t help. Like when you feel unmotivated no matter how hard you try to get sh*t done or when writers block kicks in and no matter how badly you want to write that article, its just not coming to you. Besides scheduling out content ahead of… View Post

So, you’ve picked a blog niche, decided on a name, and set up your self-hosted blog, now what? Well, at this point you need to start writing some blog posts and generating traffic. But you need a way to track what’s going on, on your website. That’s where google analytics comes in. Keep on readin’ and this post will show you what the heck google analytics is, why you need… View Post