I know I’m not the only one that has a hard time staying productive while working from home. I think having a space away from home where you can go and be productive is great – mine is my school library. But I’m such a homebody I love working from the comfort of my own four walls – i just find it extremely difficult to actually get anything done sometimes.… View Post

I’ll be completely honest with you guys…. I don’t know that I would have started blogging if I didn’t know that I could eventually make an income from it. Before I discovered the world of blogging I was searching for some sort of creative outlet. I always wanted to be a designer and never considered blogging. But the more I learned about blogging the more the blogosphere intrigued me, and… View Post

I always read so many bloggers say that your blog name isn’t that serious. I completely disagree.  It is that serious. Your blog name is probably one the most important things to consider when starting your site. Especially if you want to take it beyond a hobby and turn it into a business. With my main blog, it took me months… & I mean months to come up with a… View Post